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Be an Outstanding Independent Learner


The purpose of homework

  • To reinforce the learning in the classroom.
  • To prepare for future learning.
  • To assess the understanding of the work covered.
  • To provide an opportunity for independent learning.
  • To provide further learning opportunities.

Does completing homework impact on progress?

  • Students who complete homework improve academically by 5 months.
  • 'The average student who did homework had a higher unit test score than the students not doing homework.'

Rewards for completing homework

  • Greater progress in their subjects.
  • Higher grades.
  • Better performance.
  • Improved organisational skills.
  • 1 House Point for good quality homework.
  • Certificate in praise assembly for completing all homework.
  • Opportunity to go on a reward trip.

What happens if homework is not done?

  • Limited progress in their subjects.
  • Lower grades.
  • Difficulty participating in lessons.
  • Struggle when they move to sixth form.
  • Appropriate sanctions will be given if the homework is not completed.

Support for homework

  • The teacher setting the work will be available for help, either in class, lunch time or after school.
  • The library and ICT facilities are available at lunchtime and after school.
  • SSD support at lunch and after school.
  • Google class room so contact can be made directly with the teacher and work submitted.

Homework is either:

  • Teacher assessed
  • Peer assessed
  • Self-assessed
  • Externally assessed