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Art & Design

Whatever stage you are at in your art education, the structure of projects remains the same. Through your art lessons you will learn about the formal elements (colour, line, composition, pattern, tone, texture, mood, space and form) and how you can manipulate them to create a personal approach to any project.

In each project you will seek inspiration by researching and analysing the work of artists, you will come up with your own ideas by recording observations through drawing and photography and you will engage with the design process to refine your ideas towards a final outcome. You will be working on a range of 2D and 3D projects using a wide range of both traditional and unusual techniques and approaches.

Main Topics

Typical projects at Key Stage 3 are: Typography (the art of lettering), Colour, Architecture, Portraiture, Creative Compositions, Photography and Digital Drawing. You will also complete short drawing workshops throughout each year's programme.


Each lesson will start with a ten minute free doodling session, for which you will be given a special doodle book (which you can use at home as well). This is an opportunity for you to explore some of your own ideas and to develop skills in drawing without worry of assessment. Quiet doodling time is also a good way to warm up for the lesson or to relax at home.


At Key Stage 3 we will assess every project using a framework based on the Art GCSE criteria:

ARTIST ANALYSIS Demonstrating your understanding of artists work and your ability to make judgements about the work of others.

MEDIA AND MARK-MAKING Demonstrating your ability to use a range of arts based media and techniques and  experiment with mark making.

ACCURACY OF DRAWING Demonstrating the accuracy and quality of your drawing and photography.

PRESENTATION Demonstrating appropriate techniques of presentation and annotation in a sketchbook.